Pilot Detail
Process for marine water treatment
The innovative ELOXIRAS® RAS water solution is piloted at the aquaculture site of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography in Santander. This is an aquaculture solution consisting in an innovative process for the treatment and reuse of marine and brackish water. It is developed to enhance the productivity and to reduce the environmental impact of recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). Based on the electrochemical oxidation technology, it only requires an electrical potential between two electrodes in water.

APRIA Systems team shared that, "ELOXIRAS is designed to achieve high efficacy in the removal of pollutants, bacteria, and viruses, in a cost-effective way, at the same time it optimizes water and energy intakes. It is compact, modular and easy to scale-up."

Aim & Application
The aim of the technology is to integrate automatic systems with remote alert procedures and supervision of the system condition and operation.

Allowing to reach 100% of performance without start-up and adapting periods typical of the biological systems and to increase treatment capacity with the maximum simplicity and the minimum investment cost.

High safety for the farmed species, ideal for isolated applications as quarantine and bio-security.
Service Type
Producing Organisation
APRIA Systems S.L.