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Boosting efficiency and sustainability in the seafood sector
12 Jun 2023
Foodintech implements Flow Manufacturing software in France and Spain
SAFER navigates towards a sustainable future in the seafood sector at the EMD2023
26 May 2023
Industry experts highlight the way towards a more sustainable and people-centred seafood sector through Industry 5.0
APRIA Systems installs a second pilot of the ELOXIRAS® RAS solution at CUPIMAR
2 May 2023
ELOXIRAS® is commercialized in several standardized models, based on its market application, its treatment capacity,...
APRIA Systems implements a pilot on marine RAS technology in the Spanish Institute of Oceanography
15 Mar 2023
A second pilot of the ELOXIRAS® RAS solution is under implementation at CUPIMAR
IoT based wireless solution to remote monitoring water
24 Nov 2022
WiSAR Lab will be piloting the remote monitoring of water quality in S2AQUAcoLAB (Portugal)
SAFER project will be at the 9th Atlantic Stakeholders Platform Conference
22 Nov 2022
SAFER workshop at ASPC 2022 “Boosting Blue SMEs: best practice, challenges and opportunities towards Atlantic...
Innovative RAS solutions to implement in Spain
17 Nov 2022
APRIA Systems will test ELOXIRAS® RAS solution in CUPIMAR and Spanish Institute of Oceanography
Improving innovation of the seafood through technology adoption in France and Spain
14 Nov 2022
Flow Manufacturing is an integrated system of software and hardware, designed for the control of production,...