To improve the innovation performance of the seafood sector by increasing technology adoption and transnational cooperation giving response to the challenges of a sector identified as high potential for the smart growth of the participant regions.

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APRIA Systems implements a pilot in Spain

ELOXIRAS® RAS water solution was installed in February 2023 at the Spanish Institute of Oceanography.

Improving innovation of the seafood through technology adoption

CONSORCIO ESPAÑOL CONSERVERO and Thaeron Fils will implement the Flow Manufacturing software developed by SAFER partner Foodintech.

SAFER participates at Aquaculture Europe 2022

SAFER project is delighted to be part of AE2022 presenting the SAFER e-poster to the event attendees.

REGISTER for the 9th Atlantic Stakeholders Platform Conference

Atlantic Arc Commission organises “Boosting Blue SMEs: best practice, challenges and opportunities towards Atlantic Excellence".

Results of the open call to implement pilots into seafood organisations

5 organisations operating in the seafood sector have been selected to implement Industry 4.0 technological solutions.

SAFER awarded to extend its impact into the seafood sector

SAFER team is delighted to announce that the project has received additional funding for additional activities till June 2023.