Service Detail
Farm control solutions for aquaculture

Our service aims at tracking and monitoring the activities and performances of farms, having a forecast upon the production. It goes through remote, multi-sites, multi-users, multilingual and on-real time reporting and data-consolidation. We provide performance analysis, easy and full traceability for everyone on every device, automatics alerts, checking of the specifications of the retail industry, remote visibility on the feeds stocks and so on. The service is based on web- and open source technologies. Different user profiles and rights are managed through the service. Performance monitoring, business planning and traceability are the 3 core functionalities of the service.

Aim and Application
1. Associations of fish-farms around plants.
2. The marketing with the retail industry makes traceability essential and the ability to react quickly is a key factor.
3. Scattered farms generates on real time remote reporting needs.
4. For the end-customers, benchmarking added functionalities could lead to look for better practices in fishfarming. Forward sales can not be relevant without reliable planning and appropriated tools, the service provides these features.
Aquaculture; farm management, software, fishfarming, traceability, monitoring
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